While adopting a child is a selfless act which can complete your family, it is also a long and winding road, one which is easier to navigate with competent legal representation at your side. Amina Rashad & Associates, P.C. can provide you with competent and experienced legal representation for your private placement, domestic adoption, which is a private agreement, between you and the birth parents, or birth parent, to adopt a child born within the United States.

Prior to officially adopting a child, you must be certified as a qualified parent, which requires a home study conducted by a social worker, background check and finger printing of you and anyone else residing within your home. Upon being certified as a qualified parent, you will be able to take physical custody of the child. Therefore, it is important that these steps are completed prior to the child’s birth. At Amina Rashad & Associates, P.C. we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients seeking to adopt are certified as qualified parents as soon as possible, so they waste no time in bringing home their new bundle of joy.

If the child is already alive at the time of the private placement adoption, then, the papers necessary for certification as a qualified parent can be filed simultaneously with the Petition for Adoption.
In addition, to ensure your private placement, domestic adoption is a smooth process, your adoption attorney will need to obtain the consent of the birth parents. Absent the consent of both birth parents (if the child is born out of wed-lock there are circumstances under which the biological father’s consent is not required), a hearing is required to first terminate the biological parent’s parental rights before the adoption can be finalized.
By retaining Amina Rashad & Associates, P.C. for your private placement, domestic adoption, you are ensuring that you have legal representation ready, willing and able to help you navigate what can be a long and emotional process. After your adoption is finalized, we are also available to assist you in obtaining adoption subsidies, medical subsidies. and reimbursement of nonrecurring adoption expenses.

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